A detailed review about women empowerment in Indian society

In the total population of India 52% of women has been empowered in terms of education, career and in social activities but the truth is that women are still helpless in the Indian society. As of 2020 survey report many women are still found to be living below the poverty line and they don’t have the access to the minimum education facilities, basic lifestyle and have the zero financial situations even after getting the freedom. In India women empowerment states that giving the power to women who mean the power to giving their won rights to function, dress and to act on her own decision. In general women empowerment is the ability to exercise complete the control ones actions, in which in India lot of things has been done to empower the women since from achieving the freedom. The Indian women’s still have to go for a long way, if the woman wants to say themselves as the society has worked on empowering them in the country.

Key issues and stages of the women’s empowerment in India

The times are getting changed and the basic changes have brought in the status and role of women in Indian society. In which the government is not fully focusing on the women’s empowerment is equal to the men. In order to make this false they have executed many programmes in nationwide whose purpose to spread the capacity and awareness campaigns for women by making them to participate in the society welfare and development. The main aim of these programmes is to make women effective decision makers, educated them with the significant control that results in the bold nature character.

There is a great divide between the urban and rural women in which the urban women are well cultured, smart, independent and they are